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10 Gorgeous Hair Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to get creative and show off some fabulous hairstyles, especially at that annual office party.

If you’re feeling a little blah about your ‘do lately and want to try something new, the holiday season is the perfect excuse. 


Updos are always a classic, but that doesn’t have to mean boring.

1) Rockette French Twist

The Radio City Rockettes are a holiday favorite, and you can copy their elegant French twist hairstyle for a look that is both chic and simple.  See the full tutorial on Popsugar.

2) Knotted Updo

This can work for just about any hair length, including bobs. Twists and semi-braids create visual interest. Bonus: It’s way easier than it looks! Full tutorial on

3) Top Knot

There are many ways to wear a bun, but one of the hottest looks right now is to fix the bun on top of the head. Make the bun sleek if you’re shooting for elegant, or style it messy if you’re attending a more casual event.

Click here for an easy tutorial from


A little bling can take a “nice” hairstyle to “whoa, mama!” in no time.

4) Headbands


Holiday keywords always include ‘sparkle.’ Pair loose curls with a shiny headband for a fun, eye-catching look.

5) Clips

Clips could be more sparkling barrettes or maybe a flirty sprig of mistletoe. A simple or complex updo can be taken to the next level with a seasonal clip-in accessory or two.

6) Quirky

If you’re feeling a little silly or really into the holiday spirit, work a few silver bells into your chignon for an extra festive touch. Or add a touch of red holly to brighten your look.

7) Ribbon


Work a slip of red, green, or silver ribbon through a French braid or a fishtail braid to freshen up a standard party style. Or tie a wide ribbon in a bow around a bun for a quick dash of wreath-like fun.


Half-up hairstyles are perfect for keeping hair away from your face to better showcase your trendy holiday makeup while still highlighting those gorgeous flowing locks. It’s the best of both worlds.

8) Knotted bun

Pair an intricate knotted bun with flowing, loose curls for a look that is completely on trend.

9) Volume-Pumped Half-Up

A sleek front-half with lots of volume à la Bridgette Bardot provides great contrast for loose hair at the back. Twist or braid the front strands at the back of the head for even more contrast and visual appeal.

10) Bow

Above, we mentioned tying a bow around your hair, but why not ditch the ribbon and tie your hair into a bow? This is another cute, quirky, and certainly memorable look. Leave the back of your hair loose, and fashion the front half-tendrils into a bow shape at the nape of your neck for a charming style that won’t soon be forgotten.

• • • • 

The holiday party season is a great time to give new and creative hairstyles a try. Whether you’re looking for something elegant, attention grabbing, or just plain fun, this list should inspire an original and festive holiday ‘do.