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  • Hair Trends for Spring

    Hair trends come and go, and while a trend does not have to dictate your style, it is easy to combine the latest look with what you are comfortable with. The runways of Paris, New York, and Milan always give a hyperbole of hairstyles, but if you pay attention, you will see the coming trends for us mere mortals. 

    This season, the runways were full of exciting looks, but one common theme seemed to prevail, style based on the boho-chic mindset. This spring definitely seems set to be a bit of a melting pot of styles of the past. The looks all pull from the different eras, combining influences from the 60’s through today.  

    Let’s start with color!  

    The pastels and grays that have dominated Instagram feeds across the nation seem to be fading out. This spring, it is more about textured color leaning towards more natural shades. Instead of doing a solid blonde with a heavy toned look, opt for different shades of blondes or tones of brown throughout your hair. Balayage is still the trending method to give that natural, graduated looking effect. It just helps avoid those harsh lines when coloring your hair! Don’t be afraid to have fun with your color, though. If you want purple tones, get purple tones!   

    Now for the style.  

    Picture some of the hairstyles you see celebrities sporting at Coachella, and realize that is what will be seen everywhere this spring and beyond! A lot of trends from the past are coming back and mixing together. From flat ironed, smooth hair to natural waves, all styles will be seen. Hair accessories are also back this season – feathers, headbands, and scarfs. Heck, even the mushroom haircut has found a place in this season’s looks. It’s a bohemian rhapsody of styles!  

    Let’s start with the easiest way to sport the latest look, add a simple micro-braid or three to your hair. This gives you the bohemian vibe and gives your hair a little character. This works great with naturally wavy hair to keep on-trend.   

    Image Source

    Pin-straight hair is also back. Long, simple, and sleek is a definite look this spring. Think Cher, and be ready to flip your locks over your shoulder. Remember to use the proper heat protecting products to avoid damage when flat ironing!  

    Image Source

    The mushroom haircut – think long chili bowl with edge! This isn’t the classic nightmare you think of, but an updated version that combines the look with elements of the asymmetric bob that was so popular a few years back.   

    Image Source

    As far as styling your hair, whatever the cut, the most important things is to have fun! Whether you want to do a high pony, a loose side-braid, a half-up/half-down top-knot, or wear it free-flowing, it is all about embracing you! Whatever you choose, it should look relatively easy.  

    Oh, and don’t forget the accessories! Jazz your hair up with clip-ins, headbands, scarfs, jewels, or even flowers. This is where you can really have fun!   

    Have fun this spring!  

    Whatever cut or color you decide on, don’t be afraid to have fun! The stylist at Tangerine are all up-to-date on delivering the most modern take of the classic hairstyles of the past and are ready to have you leading the trends this spring! Call today to book your appointment and see what our talented staff can do for you.

  • Wellness : Heart Focused Breathing

    Many of the traditional wisdom teachings from around the world point to the heart as the seat of consciousness. The heart is our connection to a consciousness greater than our ego. Approaching life with an open heart opens the door to this greater consciousness. 

    To some degree, approaching life with an open heart is as simple as shifting your attention to your heart. Simple yet profound, the heart-focused breath and feeling technique will access your heart’s intelligence and its connection to a higher state of consciousness. As a result, you’ll be more open to practice some of the heart’s greatest lessons— patience, compassion and unconditional love. 

    By creating a state of coherence between the heart and mind, within as few as 60 seconds, you can relieve stress and replace feelings of frustration, irritation, anxiety and anger with feelings of positivity and calm. When you are in a coherent state of being, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you perform at your best by accessing intuition, creativity and higher-level decision making. 

    Use this technique whenever you experience draining moments or trying times, however subtle they may be, before any meeting or anytime you simply want to feel good. 

    STEP 1: Heart Focus 

    Focus your attention on the heart area in the center of your chest. The first few times you practice this technique, place your hand on the center of your chest to help you maintain your heart focus. 

    STEP 2: Heart Breathing 

    • Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart area. Slow and deepen your breath, more than usual. 

    • Feel your breath flowing in through the heart as you inhale and out through the heart as you exhale. 

    • Continue breathing in this manner until you establish a rhythm that feels natural to you. 

    STEP 3: Heart Feeling 

    • As you maintain your heart focus and heart breathing, generate a positive feeling by bringing your attention to a time when you felt good inside. One way to generate a heart feeling is to remember a special place you’ve been to or the love you feel for a close friend, family member or pet. 

    • Now experience the feelings of appreciation, gratitude and love. This is the most important step in the technique.

    This blog post was written by Aveda.

  • Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2017 | Tangerine Salon

    Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2017With every new year comes new colors and styles. Give your locks the trendy makeover they deserve with one of the following hues:

    Blorange: As you might guess, blorange is a mix of blonde and orange for a subtle pop of color that’s great for work and play. The peach hue was debuted by Georgia Jagger (yes, Mick’s daughter) who rocked the look with messy beach waves. It hasn’t slowed since and for good reason—it looks great on every skin tone!

    Lilac/Mauve: Take advantage of your natural brown tones by adding a soft fade of purple or deep chocolate well past your roots. It’s easy to keep up and subtle enough for professionals.

    Jewel Tones: Mix bright colors in a blended way with ribbons of shocking hues and color melts. Though it works best with light hair, those with naturally dark color can still ace this look by asking one of our colorists to pre-lighten their locks.

    Baby Blond: Just as it sounds, Baby Blond is a virgin hue that contrasts perfectly with the dark colors of fall and winter. To maintain it, color-specific shampoos and conditioners (like Aveda Color Conserve) will keep it looking young.

    Ice: Ice colors are a fresh take on what used to be bold hues. From frosty grays to platinum blonde, ice is the sharp edge you need to invigorate a striking trend. Once we transform your look, our best advice is to color treat with conditioner that will keep your color vibrant.

    Makeover Inspiration

    Want a bold do-over that really speaks to your expressive nature? At Tangerine Salon, we offer the following color palettes:

    All-Natural Aveda Rainbow Hair: Rainbow has been in—but getting this look with natural Aveda products? Yes. Pioneered by Guy Tang, the trend works with the application of Aveda pure tones for a finish that looks magnificently beautiful without harsh unnatural chemicals.

    Galaxy Colors: Dreaming of hair that looks like the Milky Way? Galaxy color is here to stay with bright teals and purples for the ultimate in #hairgoals.

    Rose Gold Blond: Our expert colorists say it works best on people with pale yellow skin tones and a dark eye color. A little copper and gold mixed with pink; rose gold hair is the perfect transition from winter to spring.

    Dramatic hair color transformations tend to take longer than your typical appointment, and some looks require more aftercare than others. Share your hair color dreams with one of our stylists and we’ll help you make it a reality.

  • Why People in Dallas Love Tangerine Salon

    Why People in Dallas Love Tangerine SalonAt Tangerine salon, our master stylists will completely transform your look whether you need a color refresh and trim or dramatic makeover. Our passion for hair transcends beyond the technical and all our stylists are in the business to give you the hair you want. Why is our salon adored in Dallas? Three reasons: expert-level services, amazing Aveda products and star treatment that isn’t reserved just for the stars.


    Tangerine offers services for men and women from simple cuts to trending designs and complex color. All women’s cuts include a spa-like shampoo and condition with finishing blowout. Beyond traditional, Tangerine also offers:

    • Keratin treatments
    • Extensions
    • Conditioning repair
    • Permanent waves
    • Formal styles

    Aveda Products

    As the best Aveda salon in Dallas, Tangerine prides itself on providing quality hair care products that:

    • Are naturally derived from plant-based sources
    • Do not contribute to the harmful effects of animal testing
    • Have a positive impact on the environment and communities from which materials are derived

    Clients wishing to purchase Aveda products may stop by for a visit at any time to do so. No appointment is required. 

    Star Treatment

    Tangerine Salon at Preston Hollow Village is home to such high-profile clients as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It’s not uncommon to witness celebrities in our chairs as our style experts work their magic to get them camera-ready.

    You don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy top-quality services from Tangerine and our clients consistently leave feeling like stars. Read our testimonials from

    • “Great service and I love my hair! Marshall made my boring hair come to life with the best layers!” – Christine M., Dallas
    • “My hair was completely messed up at another salon and John not only fixed it but made it look absolutely gorgeous!! I could not be more thankful for the beautiful work and treatment I received at Tangerine!” – Swarnali B., Irving
    • “I have been looking for a salon like this for years, and I'm so glad I finally found it! Duc did an amazing job on my haircut, and I've finally gotten the cut and style I've been asking for forever. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly that.” – Liz L., Dallas

    To see why Tangerine has a reputation for being one of the best hair salons in Dallas, visit our online booking page or call 972-393-9200 if you’re a first-time client. We can't wait to see the new you.

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