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Choosing the Perfect ‘Do for the “I Do” 

You will be in thousands of photos on your wedding day, and so will your hair! Choosing the right bridal style will cinch your entire look and make you feel fabulous.  Scroll down for some major bridal inspiration, then schedule your consultation at Tangerine Salon.  We can't wait to be a part of your special day!


One of the most classic wedding styles is an updo. Hair of almost every length can be arranged up off the neck and shoulders.

These styles can range from simple to intricate. An updo offers the most variation among wedding hairstyles, but it is characterized by three main aspects.



The hair has to stay up somehow, and the way you choose to keep it up can say a lot about your style.

Big waves or curls pinned in a “messy” bun or knot at the back of the head is a classic way to add interest to hair without the bun getting in the way of a veil. Brides who opt out of veils can plan on a bit more height or volume to an updo.

On the other hand, a tight twist can help secure a veil by giving it a place to anchor. A braided chignon or a French twist can hold the veil in place and add a unique touch.



Almost no wedding style is exclusively slicked back because brides know that framing the face is key to a successful updo. Tendrils or coils teased out of the main bun can be swept across the brow, tucked behind the ear, or trained to one side.

We will spray loose pieces in place with Aveda Control Force and they will need to be touched up throughout the event.  You don’t want your hair to fly around, stick to your makeup, or get in the way of your first kiss as a Mrs.


There’s the veil, of course, but it doesn’t have to be the only accessory.

A headband with flowers or a decorated hair clip can be the perfect accompaniment to tie in a wedding ensemble.

Flowers themselves look beautiful in hair and help coordinate with a bouquet and boutonnières. Ribbons or strips of fabric or lace also bring color into a hairstyle—and can be a good way to include “something old” or “something blue.”


Braid it, curl it, or let it fall loose. Wearing your hair down, especially if you have hair that reaches your mid-back, can be a classic adornment to your dress.

We think sleeveless dresses and long hairstyles are the perfect complement to each other. The long hair will help break up a horizontal neckline and the dress will draw the eye to the hair, arms, and shoulders (especially when you’re facing away from your guests).

A crown of flowers is an especially popular accessory for long hairstyles. Or tuck a single flower behind your ear and secure it with a decorative clip.


{Above: Bridal Style by Sarah Heng | Tangerine Salon - Allen}

Don’t worry! You can still wear your hair down if it’s medium or short. A tousled look or a partial braid will create interest around the face, while a pair of earrings or a necklace that hangs below the hairline will really pop.

3. Best of Both Worlds: WEAR IT HALF-UP

Can’t choose between up and down? You don’t have to.

A half-up hairstyle offers the best of both worlds, securing the majority of your hair out of the way of your face while retaining the visual interest of length.


Pulled-back pieces of hair are commonly secured high at the back of the head. Consider an off-center half-up style with messy curls and loose pieces of hair draped over one shoulder.

As with any of the other styles, you may choose to decorate your ‘do with jewelry, flowers, an elaborate pin, or a bit of lace that’s been in family wedding photos before. A half-up look is particularly well-suited for a braid or headband.

Did we mention it’s important to spray everything in place? Security is really important in wedding hair, so be sure to prioritize a look that will not slide around.


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Schedule a complimentary consultation at any of our four locations to get expert advice on the perfect wedding style for you.  Tangerine Tip: If you wish to do a full trial-run, schedule it on the day of your bridal portraits!

We can't wait to be a part of your special day!