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Stylist Spotlight : Jill Littrell


Meet Jill, Senior Stylist at our Highland Village location. 

What do you love about being a hairstylist?

Making people see how beautiful they are and building so many great relationships with my guests.

What are your specialties?

I love doing short hairstyles and creative coloring!

What is your favorite Aveda product?

Beautifying oil. It is the best product I have ever found for dry skin. You can put it in bath water, on your scalp and use it as a moisturizer. I LOVE IT!

What is your favorite styling tool?

One inch curling iron. It's very versatile and can create many looks on any length on hair.

Who inspires you?

My guests do! I love when they come in and bring me a picture or even a thought of how they would like their hair. Collaboration and an awesome end result is so rewarding.

What's your favorite Dallas hotspot?

I'm a Fort Worth girl - Sorry Dallas!

What can we catch you doing in your free time?

I'm a super busy mom! I don't have much free time but I do always try to make time for the gym.

Share a fun fact about yourself:

I have a twin sister, Lauren. As adults we've pretty much lived in different cities but somehow we are always on the same wave length! #twinning