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Wellness at Home : Dry Skin Remedies

Dry skin remedies, such as dry skin body brushing, can be practiced at home to help reestablish the skin’s functional integrity and generate a natural, healthy glow. It is best to perform dry skin body brushing in the morning before you shower or bathe.

• Apply a few drops of a stimulating Singular Note to your palm, and swipe the brush bristles across the oil.

• Brush your skin using sweeping, upward strokes, moving from the bottom of the feet up to the legs and from the hands up to the shoulders. Finish on the torso, making sure you always brush toward the heart.

• Brush each area 5–7 times with overlapping strokes, especially on congested areas of cellulite.

• Avoid your face and any sensitive areas. Facial brushing can be done with a brush specifically made for the face. If your skin turns red, reduce the pressure while brushing.

• Gentle cleanse your brush once a week, and let it dry in the sun.

via Aveda

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