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Why We Love Our Partnership with Aveda

We have partnered with Aveda since we opened the doors to our first location in Coppell back in 2005.

It has been a wonderful partnership and we feel incredibly confident letting our stylists use and recommend Aveda products to our customers. There’s so much to love about the products themselves, and especially the mission behind them.

The Aveda vision is this: “connecting beauty, environment, and well-being.” We are completely aligned with the Aveda mission and have even incorporated parts of it into our very own mission at Tangerine Salon.

There are so many reasons why we love Aveda - but today, we are sharing our top five:

1) The Ingredients Are Naturally Derived

Aveda shares a strong belief of ours: that Nature provides more beauty than we could ever try to synthesize.

Therefore, Aveda products are developed with this in mind. They strive to use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible, meaning ingredients “for which 50% of the molecule comes from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water, some other natural source.”

In its efforts to develop products with “green” ingredients, Aveda has overwhelmingly shifted to pure flower and plant essences instead of petrochemicals, including entirely wiping out paraben from their products.

If that weren’t enough, Aveda is also committed to cultural as well as natural diversity. It sources key ingredients from all over the world, employing fair compensation to impact nearby economies.

2) Aveda’s Stance on Animal Testing

“In order to be beauty, it must also be good. Beauty is the result, but also the process.”

-Dominique Conseil, Aveda President

Beauty and goodness go hand in hand. That’s clear in the way Aveda treats animals.

Most important, Aveda doesn’t conduct animal testing, unless required by law. In fact, they have been right in the thick of efforts to end animal testing since their founding in 1979.

In addition, Aveda has made numerous tangible efforts to commit to animal welfare. Here are just a few, quoted from their website:

• “We help raise awareness about the importance of pollinator conservation by sponsoring the Aveda Butterfly Garden at the Minnesota Zoo; a zoo renowned for its conservation efforts.

• “Over the past decade, our network has raised over $8 million for grassroots organizations that help protect endangered plants and their environs, including the animals therein.”

• “We support the Endangered Species Act and, in 2006, we sent more than 500,000 signatures from our network and guests to the United Nations and the White House to support it."

3) Aveda’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Aveda isn’t just committed to animal life: it is deeply concerned with their many habitats.

Aveda became the first beauty company using 100% post-consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). More than 85% of their bottles and jars use this material. They are also the first beauty company to manufacture products with 100% wind power at their main facility.

The company also devotes a great deal of its research and development efforts towards discovering environmentally friendly processes.

4) They Make Beauty Easy

Obviously, we’re big fans of Aveda’s mission and core values. Yet, those values wouldn’t amount to much if the products weren’t fantastic—and they certainly are. We use Aveda products because they make our job—helping people look and feel beautiful—easy.

Their color formulas help us create shades that pop. Their conditioning oils infuse hair with an amazing shine. Their men’s products are clinically proven to produce desirable results.

We don’t have to worry about the products we use: when we put Aveda at the fingertips of our talented stylists, magic happens.

5) Product Diversity

The products are beautifully effective, and the catalog is also as diverse as we could hope for.

Aveda sells shampoos and conditioners, pomades and clays, makeups, hair sprays, curl enhancers, and even essential oils. We love that we have the ability to serve any client’s needs, or any hair type, because of the vast range of products we’re able to draw from.

The Right Partnership

Because of how our visions align, the Aveda and Tangerine brands make sense together. We’re both committed to living responsibly in our world and to making you look as beautiful as you possibly can.

Come on in to one of our many locations to see which Aveda products will transform your beauty!