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Six Tips to Revamp Your Workweek Wardrobe | Tangerine Salons

Trying to find inspiration to spruce up your workweek wardrobe before you’ve had your coffee isn’t the easiest of tasks.  At Tangerine, we want your morning routine to be inspired! Getting dressed for work is the perfect opportunity to express your personal style. There’s no need to feel bland while you’re at the office.  Use this guide to revamp your wardrobe so you can feel vibrant every day of the week.

Mix Casual and Professional

Blending casual and business-professional pieces creates an effortless, chic look.

A simple V-neck tucked into a pencil skirt or a fitted, knit sweater over a silk dress allows for a comfortable and sophisticated feel. Accessorize with bold chunky jewelry to make a statement or a subtle chain necklace to keep things simple.

Tangerine Tip: A blazer takes every outfit up a notch. If you have a favorite casual outfit, throw on a blazer with a pair of heels and be happy with your new ensemble!

Rock Scarves During Every Season

Scarves are not just for winter, they are wardrobe staples in every season.

Silk scarves are the perfect addition to dress up an office look. This ideal accessory can be incorporated into any outfit. Scarves are perfect for defining a waistline, dressing up a purse strap, or adding a soft pop of color to your wrist.

Reimagine the scarf with these creative styling ideas. Be a leader in bringing new color and life into your office dress code.

Tangerine Tip: A scarf can be braided or twirled into any hairdo to add a bit of color.


Bring On The Bold

Styling your outfit around a pair of bold flats can set you up for style success. Step out of the standard ballet flats and into some two-tone loafers or pointed-toe slip ons.  At Tangerine Salon, we love expressing our fashion sense on our feet! Members of our Tangerine Salon family each bring a unique style that inspires us all.

Tangerine Tip: Check out some of our favorites at DSW and Zara.

Experiment with Bold Color Combinations

Every season brings an opportunity to experiment with new color combinations.

Whether you’re breaking out of a monotone wardrobe or just looking to change up your current palette, play with new color combos. Complementary colors such as blue and orange or violet and yellow create fun outfits that brighten up your day!

Check out this great resource for learning how to find other great matches.

Tangerine Tip: Find a multicolor print that you enjoy and then design an outfit around those colors.

Play with Tones in the Same Color Family

If bold, complementary combinations make you nervous, start small. Designing an outfit using multiple tones within a single color family is an art that can be easily mastered! Consider blue when getting dressed. A study at the University of British Columbia linked the color blue to people thinking outside of the box. Who doesn’t want a little extra creativity?

Use the ombre technique, fading from a navy blouse to sky blue pumps, or go wild and accessorize with a cobalt necklace and baby blue clutch. Working within the same color family also allows more freedom to play with patterns and textures.

Tangerine Tip:  Lighter colors will accentuate and darker colors will slim areas of the body.

Swap Out Buttons

Handy with a needle and thread? An easy way to spruce up a classic piece is to swap the stock buttons for ones with a little more flare. Lots of Buttons is a great place to find fun buttons that suit your unique style. This simple modification gives new life to any used or single-tone piece.

To safely cut off buttons check out this how-to guide.

Tangerine Tip: Shop with the possibility of making creative alterations and don’t always settle for the piece you see on the rack!


Getting ready in the morning should be easy and fun! Use this guide to easily revamp your wardrobe and feel more confident walking into work.

Our final Tangerine Tip is to take pictures of the looks you create and collect them in a Pinterest board, so you can easily access your ideas before work. Take photos of the completed outfit including shoes and accessories. On your less inspired mornings, you can simply select an outfit instead of creating a new one.

Once you find your favorite looks, make an appointment at Tangerine to get the season's hottest hairstyle to match. We look forward to seeing you soon!